Tom Yum Goong Soup:
Tom Yum Goong Soup

This soup refreshes with a strong spicy citrus flavor, dominated by coriander followed by an aftertaste of shrimp. Here are the ingredients you will need for each portion you plan to serve.

-4 cups water
-1 bulb of lemon grass
-1 kaffir lime leaf or lemon leaf
-1 pinch of palm sugar or brown sugar to taste
-1 scallion
-2 cm piece of galgant
-2 thai chillies
-1 spring of coriander
-10 straw mushrooms (canned)
-1 lime, juiced
-1 tablespoon fish sauce
-6 fresh tiger prawns, or a larger number of smaller shrimp
-1 teaspoon roasted chili paste (nam prik pao)

Options: peel, clean, and remove the shrimp heads before cooking (but be prepared for reduced flavor), serve with jasmin rice, add some coconut milk. You don't have to each the chilies and spices, just leave them in the bowl.

Cooking Instructions

If you want the chilies to be decorative and no so spicy, cut them open, remove the seeds, and slice the flesh into thin slivers.

In a soup pot, combine the cold water, lemon grass (split the bulb in half), thinly sliced galgant, lime leaf, coriander, and the chilies (sliced open).

Bring this mixture to a boil for one hour, then add the prawns (with skin and head still intact) and mushrooms and cook for another few minutes until the praws are a nice red color and the mushrooms are cooked through.

Add the fish sauce.

Add the juice of the lime.

Add the chili powder.

Add the sliced scallion.

Taste and add some palm sugar if you would like.

Garnish with coriander leaves and perhaps slivers of chili and serve.

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