Mint Sauce: Country: United Kingdom | Date Added: 23 Apr 2012 Ingredients:

For each portion:

- 3 handfulls of fresh spearmint leaves, finely minced
- 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar
- 1 tablespoon of fine brown sugar
- 1 pinch of sea salt
- 2 tablespoons hot boiling water

Music for cooking and eating mint sauce:

Cooking Instructions:

Combine the 5 ingredients, let it sit for several minutes, then adjust the ingredients as desired after tasting.

Let cool for a couple of hours, puree and serve. In summer, you can also do well serving the mint sauce cold with some grilled lamb. Just remember to mix well before serving.

Options: use balsamic vinegar, or add some cilantro or kiwi juice, perhaps when you are using the sauce for meats that are already spiced.

Recipe from: Kukaza © 2020