Lemon Confit:
Lemon Confit

Lemon confit will give a great lemon taste to any dish, without the acidity you would get with fresh lemons.

For a supply of confit for the next 3-6 month period:

- 6 organic lemons
- 1/2 cup rock sea salt

Cooking Instructions

Cut the tips of both ends of the lemons after washing them thoroughly.

Cut a slit from the top of each lemon, almost all the way down. Pry these slits open and rub the inside and the outside of each lemon with the salt.

Add all of the lemons to an airtight jar, rubbing with more salt.

Squeeze the lemons close to each other before closing the jar. If the juice of the lemons doesn't cover them, squeeze enough lemon juide to cover the lemons before closing the jar.

Let the lemons cure at room temperature before putting the into the refrigerator for 3 months.

Use the lemon confit before the end of 6 months. If you are adding confit at the end of the dish, wash the salt off first. If you are adding before or while cooking, you can leave the salt on for seasoning purposes.


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